Recent reads no. 5

I'm currently listening to case/lang/veirs, which I literally discovered last night on Spotify while I was trying to keep myself occupied and awake. I eventually gave up and succumbed to sleep, but not before listening to Atomic Number while feeling like I'd heard the ultimate musical construction I would ever hear in my brief human life. 

!important! — how to apply sunscreen with makeup on
the oldest art store in history sold ochre pigments
some more art things: ending this weekend is an exhibit in Boston about Matisse and the objects that inspired him
the whitney museum in NYC currently has on view a collection of Alexander Calder pieces that are absolutely mesmerizing
I really loved this article about a study of 2,000 obituaries and what the records of (relatively) ordinary people's lives can teach us about living a full life
architectural eye-candy for the ultimate minimalists out there
the secret to small talk



Recent reads no. 4

one of my favorite novels is now a film: The Sense of an Ending

these color-blocky landscapes are so serene and pretty

don't know who the heck Alexandra Carl is, but → style goals

my sis has a couple of these drippy ceramic pieces and I'm dying to get my own

this children's book explains the loss of a loved one in the gentlest of ways

I need to reread this because I can't remember what it was about already, but online dating yo

some useful tips on how to fight your inner roadblocks

a tree exists in India, with a canopy covering at least five acres

this is freakin' hilarious: Ayn Rand once cursed a guy’s dick so bad he moved across the country

art historical discoveries are THE BEST. this one's about the biography of Leonardo da Vinci

scarves are so Parisian. here are 6 ways to wear one

more useful life tips from Man Repeller

annnnnnndddd that's all for today's link dump!

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Recent beauty bits

Last weekend, I went on a Valentine's Day date with my best friend. We had tea at Bergdorf Goodman and subsequently spent 2+ hours browsing the beauty basement at the store. I didn't pick these up there, but after watching her swatch the new Neo-Highlighter in Ibiza, I was determined to acquire some Kevyn Aucoin powders. After a few more stops, I came home with the Neo-Bronzer in Siena and the Contour Book Volume II.

These are some of the pricier beauty items I've ever purchased, but by no means the most expensive out there...I'll be honest – they're so beautiful, I've struggled with putting them to use simply because I can't bare to mar the smooth surface of the powders and creams. Ugh. But happy to report the powders are absolutely stunning. The highlights are, I think, my first powder highlighters ever and I couldn't be happier with the payoff and natural glow these give.

Don't remind me how late I am to the highlight + contour game.

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A weekend post

It's incredibly sunny outside, a warm winter day.

On my way to the train this morning, I passed by a Westfalia van parked on the side of the road. I've probably passed it 50 times already, if not more, without noticing. Something about the weather reminded me of how I used to think, when I was younger, that one day I would live out of a van and just drive across the country, forever, until I reached the other coast. And then I would hang out for a while and enjoy seclusion and nature. How funny that I should not be just 25 and that daydream seems so far away.

I started again typing up my journal entries from the time I spent in Vietnam. Nearly 4 years ago and they still haven't gone anywhere. Some of the entries are mundane and rather uninteresting and some are lovely and insightful and evoke beautiful memories of lush tropical greenery and hot, humid days. And anonymity.

I'll admit, living in NYC, I'm afforded a good deal of anonymity. I return to the same places again and again, and have for the past 6 years, and yet I see only new faces. Except of course for the same forlorn characters on the train seeking the generosity of strangers day in and day out. I wonder if they recognize the same people on the train each day, going to their homes, where there is inevitably some form of comfort they have not been able to have for some time.

Have I forgotten everything that ever inspired me or is it simply buried deep beneath the everyday, the job, the paycheck, the skincare I layer onto my skin twice daily without thinking. Do these things replace what used to really matter to me when I was still engrossed in figuring out what the point of my life was? When I was still reliant on another source of food and shelter. Now I rely much more on myself for these things and have less time to care for my mental self.

I'm not sure where this blog is going, but my hope is that it can stay a casual reminder of the online journals of my teenage life. Daily thoughts here and there that aren't listicles promoting another 10 ways for you to declutter your makeup stash or how to really, finally find your personal style. Lord knows no number of guides or how-tos will help me dress myself better.

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Recent reads no. 1: last links of 2016

Hope you're having a lovely beginning to 2017. I'm starting something new here, little by little, rather than doing a total, time-intensive, overhaul. So here's a roundup of all the links lurking in my Pocket list for the past year. I love the app for bookmarking articles to read later and save my favorites. I think there's a bit of theme here for the coming year.

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