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 Stanley Bloom via  booooooom

Stanley Bloom via booooooom

It's feels truly fall, in spite of last weekend's 80-degree days. I washed all my sheets (and floor rug) thanks to a doggy visitor at the end of summer, and now I've got this fall cleaning bug. I have a mild obsession with having to turn over everything I own at least once a season, so I've been deep-cleaning and discarding as many of my belongings as I can bear to part with: tossing never-used makeup, clothes that no longer feel like "me"—and maybe getting a few new pieces (new shoes!)—plus taking stock of the dry goods in the kitchen cabinets and using them up or restocking with new, exotic ingredients (barley, anyone?). 

If you're looking to dust off the cobwebs, here's 6 tips on getting organized this fall and a few other thoughtful reads for your morning commute. 
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 Samuel Zeller via  Miss Moss

Samuel Zeller via Miss Moss