Louise Bourgeois At the MoMA: Through January 2018

During some recent time off, with a chance borrowing of a roommate’s member pass to the MoMA, I visited the two-floor exhibition “Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait.” As you might imagine, the show features sculpture, drawings and prints by the prolific artist Louise Bourgeois. As an undergraduate student of art history, I was already familiar with well-known works, like The Destruction of the Father (1974), Fillette (1968), and Soft Landscape I (1967)—abstract sculptures and installations that were dark, sexual and utterly visceral in nature. This was the Bourgeois in my mind, which is why I was enlightened by the multi-faceted, thematically-organized show of her lesser known projects.

The exhibition is currently on view through January 28, 2018. Learn more at the Museum of Modern Art and perhaps check out this review of the show in the New York Times.

More works by Bourgeois below; images from Tate Modern.