feed yourself

One of my favorite hobbies is browsing the aisles of an unfamiliar grocery store or little food shop and reading the names of all the ingredients and products I've never heard of. As I've grown out of post-grad life and fallen deeper into the corporate twilight zone, I find myself having less motivation to experiment and discover new foods and ingredients than I used to. 

Taking care of yourself can be a struggle, especially if you're often cooking for one. Finding motivation to feed yourself healthful things—vegetables, whole grains, PROBIOTICS!!—even remembering to just drink water instead of cofee for once, can be a burden to think about. It's so much easier to just eat the free snacks in the office or microwave a quesadilla for dinner three days in a row instead of preparing a home-cooked meal because, ugh, the effort. 

I have to keep reminding myself the payoff is worth the one to two hours I spend on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays, throwing some rice in a pot of boiling water and tossing together a simple loaf cake—like this pumpkin bread. Chopping up an onion and a couple cloves of garlic probably won't zap me of all energy for the rest of the weekend and it absolutely isn't a waste of my precious time off from work.

And eating an actual meal during my #saddesklunch is definitely better than grabbing some snacks out of my desk drawer.