Happy New Year

Tomorrow, February 16, marks this year's Lunar New Year. It's the most celebrated holiday in much of East Asia and a time for new, new, new. The week before the new year begins, families devote time and energy to getting rid of the old and preparing as much as possible for a fruitful new year. This takes the form of clearing out unnecessary things, old magazines and newspapers, no longer worn clothing and shoes and any dust bunnies behind the sofa that are safe all year round except for now. It's less about making resolutions and more about setting yourself up for success. On the day, money is given out in small red envelopes to ensure the continual flow of wealth and well-wishes are exchanged from young to old and vice versa. May your year be filled with happiness, may you stay strong and healthy, may you do well in work and life, may your wealth flow in like water and out like...well, much slower.

See you on the flip side.